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What makes All-In Entertainment unique?
All-In Entertainment was created with YOU the poker player in mind. We strive to create the most realistic poker playing experience possible. This company was founded by guys that frequently played in real casino no limit tournaments. We play one tournament a night instead of two "speed" tournaments like our competitors. This allows you the player to enjoy a more relaxed realistic poker playing experience. You've tried the rest, and now you have found the best.

What types of tournaments does All-In Entertainment offer?
All-In Entertainment offers the best FREE "No Limit" tournament structure available. We offer multi-table tournaments with a professional staff on board to make your poker playing experience as realistic as possible. We also offer Bi-Monthly Tournaments where our best players get the chance to compete for great prizes and giveaways.

How do I see what events are coming up?
You can view all events by clicking on the "where to Play" link on the Home page. You can view all tournament dates or recently completed tournaments.Click on each individual tournament for directions to that venue.

How many tournaments can I play throughout the week?
You can play as many as you want! Obviously, the more you play, the better your chances are of earning points and being invited to our big prize giveaway tournaments.

When can I start playing?
Today!!!! Simply go to your favorite establishment and sign up. Sign ups are generally 30 minutes before the posted start time.

Can I send feedback to All-In Entertainment?
We encourage all of our poker players to give feedback about their experience. You may e-mail us at:

What Is Meant by No Limit?
No limit means that a player can bet as many chips as he has at any point in the game. This varies from "limit" or structured games, in which a player must bet amounts according to a pre-determined structure. While a player can go "All-In" at anytime, the minimum bet is always equal to the big blind.

What if I have questions during play?
There will be a atleast one Tournament Director at every event we host to help you with anything you need. Whether it's sign-up, seating, shuffling, counting chips, anything to do with the tournament, we'll be there to help!

How many chips do I start out with?
Everyone starts out with 2000 in chips, and the blinds start at 25/50.

Can I change seats at a table?
No. Once the seating is assigned you will be required to keep that particular seat and table number. It is structured this way to keep players from changing seats to avoid paying blinds. You might however, be asked to move during the tournamnet as we combine tables. If asked to move, don't worry it's a good thing. This simply means that people are being eliminated and we need to combine tables.

The tournament I want to play in is full. What do I do?
Because we do sign-ups on the night of each event, there will always be room. Our Tournament directors have enough chips and tables to accommodate 100 players if need be.

What happens when I run out of chips at a table?
You are done. Typically, there will be a "consolation" table for the first 10 people eliminated. The prize varies from a t-shirt to a small gift certificate. This allows players knocked out early to hang around while their friends finish up in the tournament. No points will be given to the winner of this table.